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Alonso Correa, rider of the Hurley Team and recent winner of the Pan in the Open Category, will be the Peruvian star in the next Junior World Championship organized by the WSL between 4 and 13 January in Portugal. Ericeira Beach is the host of this main event, in which participates the athletes who reached a seat for the competition in their respective regional tournaments during this year.

Correa, who took the fourth place in the South American Pro Junior Zone and thus their right to represent the Peruvian surf, was the surprise at the last Pan. He emerged victorious in the open division, although is still a junior surfer. Eight times National Surf Champion in his country and with the support of Hurley will travel to Portugal looking the title for his nation.

The Ericeira World Junior Championship, supervised by the World Surf League (WSL), will have the best exponents of their respective continents, who fought to access in this appointment full of power and with a high level. Alonso is very optimism to make a well job and why not, give to Peru another super surprise like in the last Pan.

"It was a difficult Pro Junior Series in the South American Zone, because the Brazilians are brave. Now the next step is to go to the World Cup in Portugal. I am in a great physical and mental time. My participation is possible thanks to Hurley, my sponsor, who is paying all our expenses. Without their support and of my family I can´t represent the Peruvian Surf, "said Correa.

Hans-Peter Firbas
Grupo Firbas
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