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Reporthers withouts Broters


35 journalists killed
1 netizen killed
168 journalists imprisoned
159 netizens imprisoned

Help Families of US Journalists kidnapped/jailed

Summary The Fund for Families of American Journalists Missing, Imprisoned or Held Hostage is vital to loved ones and colleagues of journalists who have disappeared, been kidnapped or are unjustly detained because of their work in the press. Sadly, journalists have become targets for propaganda, ransom, or used for leverage. It's important to think about the consequences of a society where news is controlled and manipulated. The fund supports the efforts to secure the safe return of journalists.

$20,000 total goal, $19,755 remaining, 7 donors, 0 monthly donors, 6 months active


Reporters Without Borders has been working for decades all over the world with the families, employers and governments of journalists missing, imprisoned or held hostage to provide on-the-ground information and contacts, media strategy advice, platforms for the support committees and any logistic assistance needed according to each specific case.

The Fund's primary purpose is to provide financial assistance to the relatives and colleagues of missing American journalists in their efforts to secure the safe return and/or release of such journalists, including reasonable travel expenses, printing costs, communication expenses, legal expenses, etc. However, financial assistance will not be provided to those who intend to use the grant for a ransom, or related payment to secure the safe return of American journalists.
Long-Term Impact

Without adequate financial support, families are left helpless and lost as they work tirelessly to bring their loved ones home. Sadly, it can often stretch to months or years before anything concrete happens. With this Fund, families can continue to seek answers and advocate for their son or daughter's safe return without expending all their personal finances. In the US, we are working with a small number of kidnapped/jailed journalists, but For those in this position, the impact is devastating

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